How to install Keras and Theano on Anaconda Python 2.7 on Windows

Assuming you already have Anaconda 32-bit or 64-bit installed :

  • Download and install tdm-gcc, which is a compiler suite based on the GNU toolchain.
    • Don’t miss to choose the 64-bit edition, depending on your Anaconda version.
  • Open the Anaconda prompt as administrator (not to be confused with the usual ms-dos prompt). You can found it in the Start Menu :
    Anaconda prompt in Start menu
  • Run the following commands :
    • conda update conda
    • conda update --all
    • conda install mingw libpython
    • pip install git+git://   #Install Theano
    • pip install git+git://  #Install Keras


Based on this answer from StackOverflow

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